Wet-Guard is a nano technology that we use to coat and protect smart phones and electronics so
they repel water. We also have a liquid screen protector that is easy to apply that protects
screens. Enjoy our product!

Are you protected?

Every year over 1,000,000 cell phones are damaged or ruined by being dropped in water or another liquid – or having liquids spilled on them. In a matter of minutes we can infuse your phone with our nano-tech formula that shields it inside and out from liquid spill damage… even if it’s accidentally dropped in water...


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How Is Wet-Guard Different?

Wet-guard is a nano-technology that we use to coat and protect smart phones and electronics so they repel water. For this we use a negative pressure vacuum chamber to coat the entire phone or tablet inside and out, including your battery, sd card, and sim card.

The final process is 1/1000th of a mm or 1 micron thick, invisible to the eye without affecting the look or performance of your device. your device will stay protected from liquid spill damage and even if it's accidentally dropped in water.


- Liquid resistance with IP67 Rating

- Liquid resistance inside & outside

- Fast, easy application, takes approximately 10 minutes or less

- Suitable for almost all smart phones and tablets (unless it has a QWERTY keyboard)

- Reduces dust & scratches

- Environmentally friendly formulation


Reduces radiation up to 90% +...keeping your children safer. 

In 5 minutes or less you can protect your device's glass surface with a triple layer of space-age, eco friendly nano technology. Your screen becomes ultra scratch resistant with 9H+ hardness 

plus - the coating actively kills 99.8% of bacteria.

Adam Hyde Reviews Wet Guard.

Adam Hyde of SignalKool had the chance to fully test our product. Watch his review and read about his experience with Wet-Guard.

Read more about his experiences here



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Who we are

Wet-Guard came to be after watching so many phones become damaged or broken among our friends and families. Phones were getting dropped in water or drinks spilled on them, as well as the screens breaking or cracking. We knew there had to be a better solution for phone and electronic protection than what was currently in the market. After much research, we came up with the solution. First, the Wet-Guard cell phone waterproofing station, where customers can now get their phone waterproofed to an IP67 rating in about 5 minutes for a minimal cost of $30.00.


1. What is Wet-Guard?

Wet-Guard is a nano technology that we use to coat and protect smart phones and electronics so they repel water. 

2. I've heard about sprays, how is this different?

Wet-Guard uses a negative pressure vacuum chamber to coat the entire phone inside and out, including your battery, SD card, and sim card. 

3. Will Wet-Guard effect my devices performance or functions?

No, Wet-Guard will not effect performance of the device, the final process is 1/1000th of a mm or 1 micron thick. 

4. How long does Wet-Guard last?

18 months if allowed to cure for 24 hours, 12 months if baked in the Wet-Guard oven for 30 minutes. 

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