About Us

Wet-Guard came to be after watching so many phones become damaged or broken among our friends and families. Phones were getting dropped in water or drinks spilled on them, as well as the screens breaking or cracking. We knew there had to be a better solution for phone and electronic protection than what was currently in the market. After much research, we came up with the solution. First, the Wet-Guard cell phone waterproofing station, where customers can now get their phone waterproofed to an IP67 rating in about 5 minutes for a minimal cost of $30.00.

Secondly, we came up with the Wet-Guard wipe-on liquid screen protector that will protect your screen from scratches and accidental damage, as well as reduce the radiation emitted by your phone up to 90%, keeping your family safer. It also helps reduce bacteria on your phone. It is easy to apply...you simply wipe it on and let it dry it, and it works on any type of phones or electronic device with a screen.