1. What is Wet-Guard?

Wet-Guard is a nano technology that we use to coat and protect smart phones and electronics so they repel water. 

2. I've heard about sprays, how is this different?

Wet-Guard uses a negative pressure vacuum chamber to coat the entire phone inside and out, including your battery, SD card, and sim card. 

3. Will Wet-Guard effect my devices performance or functions?

No, Wet-Guard will not effect performance of the device, the final process is 1/1000th of a mm or 1 micron thick. 

4. How long does Wet-Guard last?

18 months if allowed to cure for 24 hours, 12 months if baked in the Wet-Guard oven for 30 minutes. 

5. If I treat my phone with Wet-Guard can I use it underwater?

No, Wet-Guard is intended for accident prevention, it is NOT intended for swimming, videography or photography, or any other use underwater. 

6. How long does it take to Wet-Guard my phone?

The entire process takes 10 minutes or less, with an additional 30 minutes if you choose to bake your phone. 

7. How do I become a dealer or distributor?

Easy, click here

8. What to do if my phone gets wet?

  • Do NOT use phone while wet
  • Remove all charging banks, power cords, and/or headphones immediately
  • DO NOT PLUG into power until phone is fully dry
  • If liquid other than clean water spills on your device, rinse your device under soft running clean lukewarm tap water cleaning out the foreign liquid. Holding the device upright, gently tap the device on a dry towel to remove excess liquid from the phone.
  • If your phone has a removable back cover, once you are out of the water zone, open the back cover and wipe everything dry
  • Bring phone into your local Wet-Guard dealer to run through our vacuum machine
  • If no Wet-Guard dealer is close by, use a hair dryer on low setting at 12-inch distance while holding the phone upright (max. 5 minutes then let cool down) repeat once.
  • Allow phone to dry overnight by standing upright with a towel underneath
  • The speakers in your phone may not work for a couple days properly while all water evaporates. Allow phone to dry by standing upright with a towel underneath